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There are 3 types of users


Control and manipulate the Statikly environment for both team members and clients.

Team Members

Work on projects using Statikly which provides customized daily tasks, tools, reminders, and more.


Seamlessly view progress, update requirements, and request invoices using Statikly.

Optimize the task bar for your screen

The task bar sits on your screen 24/7 to provide real time alerts, notifications, and what needs to be done next.

Configure it yourself


Let us help

Replace or sync with your existing systems

Import data

Use our in-house team to map the data from your current system to ours

Use in parallel

Run Statikly on top of any system hassle free

Replace with new

Replace your old system with ours

Build your remote environment
Boost your Success

Statikly provides an optimal environment for remote working. It can be used to build a custom interface for your team members and clients to work in harmony.

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