Benefits Of Working Remotely

Benefits of working remotely

Welcome to the age of remote working, glad to have you on this journey. Technology has rapidly changed the way that we operate and has now allowed us to migrate away from office work. In recent years, the global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of operating with a distributed workforce. This does not mean, however, that it is the best solution for every company. There are many services that will require to have an in-office workforce, but for the majority of online businesses, remote working is a great option.

Skeptics conclude that remote working only saves money. Yes, it’s a money saver, but that’s not the only reason why companies are moving to this structure. There are many more benefits which we will explore in this article. Both employers and employees benefit from this way of working.

For Employers

Larger talent pool

Great talent is hard to find, and now, you can hire from anywhere in the world. Sounds great, right? There are some restrictions. This would include time zone, language barriers, and in some cases legal restrictions based on your region’s employment standards. This just means you may need to update your hiring criteria for new candidates. Many companies are leveraging this aspect of remote working. It is not every day that you can sit down with someone from a different part of your country or even halfway around the world for an interview.


Not only will you be able to hire good talent, but this type of work is more focused than in-office work. There are many distractions when working in an office, you have water cooler chat, uncontrollable noises (maybe from other offices or team members depending on the activities), music, and more. This can hinder productivity. Remote working can easily be tracked so you can see where there are inconsistencies and even losses in productivity. According to a study from Great Place To Work, remote working is more productive than in-office.

Removing Office Politics

We as people are emotional creatures and no matter how large or small the company is, you can find yourself or your team members involved with disputes in the office. Having a distributed workforce can significantly reduce this temptation as no one is in the same room or forced to be around one another while working.


As you can tell, remote working has the potential to remove many of the undesired elements of communication. When you’re on the clock, your time and communication are more focused. There are no side conversations during video meetings, there is nothing in the room to distract everyone, and it’s all to the point.

For Employees

Saves Time

Employees are responsible for many things, getting to work on time, being available for certain hours during the day, respecting others at the workplace, etc. Working from home removes many unnecessary aspects of work from your day. Leaving the house early to avoid any traffic and rushing to get to work on time is no longer a hassle. You can manage your time the way you want to.

The average american takes 26 mins for each way to work. Imagine how many hours you can save from going to and from work every single day. It’s astonishing! According to The Washington Post – “an average of 26 minutes each way to work, five days a week, 50 weeks a year, that works out to something like a total of 1.8 trillion minutes Americans spent commuting in 2014”. This could be an average of 217 hours per year that a single person is wasting behind the wheel.

Work Life Balance

Lifestyle cannot be stressed enough when it comes to working remotely. Many remote jobs are offering flexible schedules. This allows employees that may have other responsibilities such as children to get their work done and still maintain their lifestyle. These employees are enjoying the time that they get to spend with their children during the day. This is a balance that most office jobs cannot offer. With the time that you save, many remote employees can squeeze in more workouts during the day as well. For those that would rather not eat out, you would need to pack a lunch for your typical day at the office. If you’re like me, this is something you try to complete in the morning or the day before work. No one likes packing a lunch. Well, if you are working remotely, you can cook your lunch in the comfort of your own home.

Impact on Environment

Remote working is much better for the environment. Not only are you helping to save money on gas, but you are also saving energy for an office. We try to make conscious decisions every day, from the food we eat to the vehicles we drive. Working remotely is hands down the most environmentally friendly option.

And of course, it is a huge money saver for employees. No more eating out if you forgot to pack a lunch, and no more sitting in traffic to get to work and back. According to the New York Times, on average, an employee can save “$2,000 to $6,500 every year by not spending on things like gasoline and day care”. Now add that up to all of the years that you plan on working for that company for the rest of your working career, you are saving a lot of money.

Remote working does have its own challenges though. It is not easy to build a culture when you are not around your team members every day. It can be hard to keep everyone accountable if you are not checking in with everyone on a routine basis, and you will need to introduce new technology to your team to effectively work together. There is, however, a great solution that is specifically designed to help companies that are both new to remote working or just want an all in one solution for the remote working experience. What is that, you might ask, it’s Statikly! If you want to build a company culture, keep employees accountable, and build a sustainable work environment for your distributed team, then you need to try Statikly. Join our wait list today and get great discounts on the software when it’s released.

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